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Wake Up Your Ki  

Join a free workshop to learn how Ki energy can help us tap into our own inner healing potential and open energy channels that are blocked relieving pain and tension in the body. Experience vitality & health creating relaxation, tranquility and calmness in your mind and body.

Wednesdays at 7pm

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What is Ki?


In the eastern tradition, (oriental medicine, martial arts, etc.) Ki, Chi or Qi is the original life force that flows in our body around a network of energy channels

in the same way that blood flows through veins, supporting all organs and cells. The flow of Ki energy gives us immunity and vitality, impacting on our mind and making us peaceful and bright. When we have a shortage of Ki or blocked and stagnant Ki in the body we may experience fatigue, illness or pain.




In Ki energy training exercises the focus is on self healing by combining

breathing, movement, sound and meditation. The exercises promote and

stimulate our inner healing physically, mentally and emotionally.

The general theory in Ki energy training is that pain and health problems 

in the body are seen as stagnant energy that is blocked and stuck.

If we can remove blockages and energy begins to circulate again then

our health can be greatly improved.

Ki Energy is a natural solution & can help to relieve:


- Pain - Insomnia - Stress - Chronic Fatigue - High Blood Pressure -

- Depression - Migraine - Digestive Disorders - Back Pain - Anxiety -

- Allergies - Sports Injuries - PMS - Skin Conditions - Arthritis -

- Asthma - Infertility - Undiagnosed Illness