Ki Training Class


In Ki Training Classes the focus is on self healing by combining breathing, movement, sound and meditation. The exercises promote and stimulate our inner healing physically, mentally and emotionally. The general theory is that pain and health problems in the body are seen as stagnant energy that is blocked and stuck and if we can remove blockages and energy begins to circulate again then our health can be greatly improved. The Ki Training Classes are deeply rooted in the laws of nature and come from a time when martial arts were taught for healing and self development. Ki Training is a holistic approach to health and well-being, based on the eastern understanding that body, mind and spirit are connected and that to truly heal one you must heal all three.


Each one hour class reminiscent of ancient Taoist martial arts training concludes with silent meditation creating the stillness necessary to reflect on our daily lives and integrate the energy that we have received. The breathing exercises and body movements help to heal the body by activating the energy and blood circulation and the meditation helps to heal the mind by identifying and releasing negative patterns.



What are the Benefits?


Ki Training Classes aid recovery from many different ailments and chronic health conditions and greatly assist in the management and reduction of stress and many types of chronic pain. Since body, mind & spirit are closely connected, the ultimate goal of Ki Training is to create self awareness of who we are.  Awareness is the seed from which change grows and when we create awareness of who we are with an emphasis on identifying and releasing negative emotions and thought patterns we begin to create greater balance, health and harmony in our daily lives.







“Since taking the

Ki Training, I have

had more energy &

 have been capable

of dealing with stress

more effectively.

My digestion has

improved and there

is overall a greater

sense of vitality.

Ki Holistic Center... 

a real oasis in the

middle of a harsh

outer reality.” 

David S.