FAQ - Ki Treatment


What is Ki ?

In the eastern tradition, (oriental medicine, martial arts, etc.) Ki (Qi) is the original life force received at the time of conception and is the life force that flows through all living things. In your body Ki travels around a network of energy channels in the same way that blood flows through veins, supporting all organs and cells. The flow of Ki Energy gives you immunity and vitality, impacting on your mind and making you peaceful and bright. When we have a shortage of Ki or blocked and stagnant Ki in the body we may experience fatigue, illness or pain.


What is a Ki Treatment ?

A Ki Treatment is an acupressure treatment that helps to improve the flow of Ki energy in the body. It is a unique healing technique transmitting vital Ki energy helping to boost the energy of the whole body, restoring immunity and vitality. It has beneficial effects on many health conditions, and scientific research has demonstrated its positive effects on the immune, hormonal and cardiovascular systems. A Ki Treatment is received clothed and is suitable for all ages and for people with chronic health conditions. Ki Treatments help to stimulate the body's natural energy circulation and remove deep rooted tension and stress, revitalizing all your organs and cells.


What is the cost of a Ki Treatment ? 


A single Ki Treatment session (45 minutes) is $60 and packages are available. We accept cash or credit card.


What are your hours of operation? 

Ki Treatment sessions are by appointment only. We accept appointments Monday thru Friday: 9am - 8pm; Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 5pm.


What should I expect to feel after a Ki Treatment? 

People can experience different effects, but generally most people feel lighter, calmer and less stressed. There is often a relief from pain and other symptoms, as well as feeling energized. Many chronic health conditions including tiredness, pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia and digestive problems are greatly relieved following a Ki Treatment. 


How many Ki Treatments do I need to receive?  


It varies from person to person, but generally the longer a person has been ill and the older a person is, the longer it can take to change their condition. Some people receive energy very well and experience immediate results. We recommend an initial course package of five Ki Treatments followed by an assessment of your progress.


Can I receive a Ki Treatment while on medication or other treatments?  

Yes, Ki Treatments do not interfere with medication or other treatments, and in some cases may be complementary. Some medications can have toxic side effects and the Ki Treatments help to rid the body of wastes & toxins. We recommend drinking plenty of water following your session.