Ki Treatment


A Ki Treatment is an acupressure treatment that helps to improve the flow & circulation of blood & energy in the body. It is a unique healing therapy that also transmits vital Ki energy helping to boost the energy of the entire body, restoring immunity and health. It has beneficial effects on many health conditions, and scientific research has demonstrated its positive effects on the immune, hormonal and cardiovascular systems.

The Ki Practitioner uses a natural breathing technique to transmit vital Ki Energy into the body and acupressure to stimulate energy points and blood circulation revitalizing all your organs and cells. A Ki Treatment has the power to detoxify the entire body, whilst having a profoundly calming effect on the mind and emotions.

A Ki Treatment is received clothed and is suitable for all ages and many varied types of chronic or acute health conditions. The Ki Practitioner opens the major energy pathways in the body by pressing energy points to stimulate circulation and remove deep rooted stress & tension. Experience a feeling of clarity, well-being and peacefulness from the first treatment! 

How does a Ki Treatment work?


A Ki Treatment recharges your body with the essential energy it needs to function properly and recover quickly. It dissolves energy blockages obstructing the natural flow of energy and helps stimulate your own natural healing power and immunity. Calm your mind and release pain and tension. Feel energized all day!

Ki Treatments are unique at Ki Holistic as they are provided by trained and qualified Ki practitioners who train daily in an ancient martial arts practice to transmit pure, balanced energy to your body and mind. 




   "I was enjoying my walk

through the Street Fair

when I spotted a booth

that offered free blood

pressure screenings.
My blood pressure

reading was 170/101. 

Immediately after I

had a 20 minute Ki 

Treatment at the Ki  

booth nearby.  I went

back to the same woman

who took my blood

pressure and we were

both surprised at the result! 

My blood pressure

had gone from 170/101

to 143/80 within a few

short minutes! “

Olivia A.